Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Leveraging Technology to Build Smart Solutions

Now is the time to revolutionize the way businesses work by using Deep Learning, Machine learning, Data Science, Cognitive Computing and etc. Together with the digital transformation process, Artificial intelligence is used in various business sectors to detect different behaviors and patterns and adapt to new and changing circumstances.

At ibnus, we help business organizations create a wide range of AI solutions that introduce innovative technologies and modern concepts of artificial thinking. Our team of AI experts adopts a statistical and data driven approach to create AI solutions that change the way our customers use computing services and other aspects that are influenced by machine learning algorithms. All our powerful AI solutions are able to enhance operations efficiency and boost business growth.


Some advantages of Artificial Intelligence are:

AI technology empowers computers to imitate human intelligence in a reliable manner, and we at ibnus open up new frontiers for organizations willing to take the advantage of AI powered applications to drive growth and automate various business processes. Our expertise extends to a wide range of AI technologies and we design solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customer’s business model. From large scale organizations to small, we deliver AI services to industries like banking, telecommunication, healthcare, ecommerce and etc.

  • 1.   Helps to boost the speed of business operations
  • 2.   Increases accuracy with a higher degree of precision
  • 3.   Helps to utilize data by performing in-depth analysis of big data
  • 4.   Simplifies optimization, evaluation and various search processes
  • 5.   Helps to perform repetitive jobs with the help of AI

Our various AI service offerings

AI for marketing automation

We help our clients improve the accuracy and predictability in marketing capabilities and turn potential leads into customers. Our AI powered solutions are innovative and effective ways to reach out to a wider market base.

Chatbot Assistants

AI is fueling the fast development of chatbots and transforming the way people communicate. We design software programs to simulate human conversations and automate human computer reaction.

Market Research

AI powered market research is here and we help you to do your market research without wasting your money and time with automatically produced, actionable research insights. Since research is essentially data, AI helps to create reports and make reasonable assumptions and conclusions from the data.

Data analytics support

AI helps to make it possible to link the data to gather insights on customers, optimize the speed of processes, grow the business and etc. We help you to transform any data into useful information and understand the link between causes and effects.

Machine learning

We empower business with the ultimate benefits of machine learning that allows machines to leverage data and interpret complicated reports, identify complex patterns and detect the latest business trends.

Robotic process automation

We help our clients build powerful applications that are able to carry out repetitive processes based on machine learning or user generated instructions without any human intervention.

At ibnus, our prime goal is to accelerate the adoption of AI across various enterprises and help them implement AI to augment decision making and remain competitive in the market.

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