Blockchain Development and Solutions

Blockchain Solutions:  Transforming The Way You Do Your Business

Blockchain based technology helps to revolutionize business practices by digitizing every asset, tracks, transacts and etc. using state of the art cryptography and transparent trust protocols. The blockchain technology is an immutable ledger that helps to record not only financial transactions but anything that is of value.

Decentralization is today’s buzzword. Just imagine how great it would be to transfer any value securely and also prevent contractual disputes over the internet?

Ibnus is a leading blockchain development service provider that is highly focused on working across various platforms, industries and organizations to help them understand and implement the technology effectively. Our blockchain developers are experts who unveil new revenue streams, reduces operational costs and optimizes the processes.  Our team members are already working on applications with decentralized technologies and are committed to adapt to your mindset by enhancing the availability, efficiency and distributed computing with technologies. We help to make transactions faster, secured and also transparent, thereby reducing any fraud risks.

How blockchain technology can help start your business:

There will be a huge shift from cryptocurrencies towards the blockchain technology as it holds untapped power. Many business owners are using it to improve and manage and track their data to enforce smart contracts and financial agreements.

  • 1.   Secured money transfers and payment processing
  • 2.   Loyalty programs and gift cards for customers
  • 3.   Blockchain digital identity verification
  • 4.   More secure cloud storage
  • 5.   Efficient and cost effective digital notary services
  • 6.   Improved security sensor and data sharing

Our key Blockchain development services

Blockchain consultation

We at ibnus offer strategic advice on how to implement this latest technology and optimize the potential outcomes for your specific business.

Hyperledger development

We help our clients unlock the potential of hyperledger, which is a distributed, open source ledger based on the blockchain technology using smart contract application on ventures and enterprises.

Smart contract development

These are a twist to the traditional contracts with blockchain as their foundation. We help to design, develop, optimize self-executing coded business contracts and automate processes.

Wallet and exchange applications

Our experts, program features for trading many cryptocurrencies, auto generating public and private keys, making online purchases, participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Our applications are robust, secured, and include multi-signature confirmation.

POC development

We offer Elaborate Proof of concept services to reflect the technical viability of any product and its market potential. For this we help you to pass through the three development stages that include theoretical build up, prototype and MVP.

Blockchain software development

We leverage libraries, SDKs, API and other documentation of blockchain to create modular apps and integrate cryptocurrency to websites and apps. We program software with Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer protocols.

We at ibnus, help our clients to accelerate the time to market various products through rapid prototyping and agile development approach together with enterprise wide blockchain initiatives.

To know more, consult our blockchain software specialists and discuss how our services can help you overcome your business challenges.

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