ElasticSearch Services

Elasticsearch Services: Enabling Users to Find Highly Appropriate Information Quickly

With the IT landscape changing very fast, it is important to follow latest trends and understand them. One such trend is ElasticSearch, which is an open source, document oriented database that is specifically designed to store, manage and retrieve semi-structured data.

ElasticSearch can be used to search various kinds of documents and it offers scalability, supports multitenancy and real time search. Build on Apache Lucene, it can become the backbone of quick search and analytics.

Ibnus offers its customers ElasticSearch solutions to deliver the best analysis and log monitoring solutions that today’s demanding organizations are in need of. Whether you are using ElasticSearch for your web based application or corporate intranet or any other search powered data analytics platform, our experts can offer you solutions that can support your analytics and search infrastructure and help you to maximize your ROI. We have the expertise to create highly scalable and real time data and analytics platform, leveraging the power of ElasticSearch to deliver flawless customer experience.


Why should you use ElasticSearch?

  • 1.  Document oriented: It stores real world and complex entities as structured documents and indexes the fields by default with high performance results.
  • 2. Scalability: Businesses and software development teams prefer to use it because of its distributed system that offers the ability to easily extend resources
  • 3. Query fine tuning: It has a powerful JSON based DSL that helps the development teams to create complex queries and fine tune them to derive the best results from the search.
  • 4. Multiple search options: It comes with lots of features when it is about searching like full text search, auto-completion, customized splitting text into words and instant search and etc.
  • 5. High speed: When it comes to performance, ElasticSearch is able to execute complex queries fast and also caches the structure queries for the result set and executes them once.
  • 6. Multi tenancy: A cluster usually contains multiple indexes and it can be queried independently or even as a group. You may get filtered views of an index that is updated transparently to your application.

Our key ElasticSearch services include

Whether you are a first time user of ElasticSearch or have already deployed it, we at ibnus make sure that your journey remains smooth and help you to take your system to a new level successfully.

Consultation services

All our services are designed to offer highly optimized and scalable solutions that offer rich and relevant results. We guide our clients to plan the best strategies as per their needs.

Search application assessment

Our team evaluates your technology infrastructure and offers recommendations to deploy and improve the search performance

Relevancy tuning

We work with technical staff and other stakeholders to review and analyze the search behavior and then tune your ElasticSearch solution accordingly for improved results.

Data cleansing, normalization and aggregation

We use latest Search Technologies or other related software of your preference to support data preparation for ElasticSearch.

Full support and managed services

We offer complete support for Elastic based search and other analytics applications for a smooth and enhanced performance.

To learn more about how we can help you leverage the power of ElasticSearch solutions, contact us today!

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