How Moodle Mobile Apps Can Make Learning Fun and Easy for Students

More than 80% adults all over the globe use smartphones to learn something or the other and the global mobile traffic is increasing. At the same time, it is also transforming many of our day to day activities that also includes learning. Today, mobile learning is becoming the norm of eLearning and it has become a priority for academic organizations to create app for the handheld device so that learning becomes easily accessible and also fun filled.

Moodle is a popular LMS which is widely used and accepted by both the academia and the corporate world.  What is interesting about Moodle app is that it can be used both for teaching as well as learning.  It helps the users to keep updated with all the latest happenings regarding the course and helps to gain access to the course anytime and from anywhere.

Here in this blog, I will discuss more about the benefits of creating a Moodle mobile app for your learning organization:

User engagement and motivation are big factors that elearning apps can address:

There is no denying the fact that students get more attracted to educational apps rather than to their text books. Since the apps are stimulating and fun, the users often get engaged with them and students pay more attention to the Moodle LMS courses rather than any classroom lesson.

Keeping the students hooked to any traditional classroom based courses are often very difficult as many students don’t find it interesting to listen to lectures. But mobile apps can create interest in them as they have visual things present before their eyes. Using Moodle mobile apps is a great way to promote interest in the topics that learners might otherwise disregard.

Reduced communication gap between the students and the teachers:

By following the traditional methods, educational institutes cannot pay equal attention to all the students so in order to reach out to all of them, it is very important to communicate. Moodle mobile apps help to enhance communication between both the students and the teachers and make it possible to impart education to each and every student equally. They can now easily inform them about the new schedules, various seminars, social activities or events and different forums that they can join for a better learning.

Help students to improve their academic performance:

Although we don’t do a huge research in this area, it is evident that educational apps help children learn in a relaxed and fun loving manner. This often helps them to have a clear concept about the subject and this again improves their performance on various domains. Research has stated that students using mobile apps became 20% more proficient and advanced in understanding a subject than those studying a textbook.

Personalized learning is possible though Moodle mobile apps:

We all are aware that children learn in various ways and they are more attracted to visuals.  A few may rely on auditory cues or other senses. But a Moodle mobile appeals to various types of students. Additionally, students can go at their own pace instead of following the teacher’s rate of instruction.  The app also brings in a great opportunity to learn independently and this encourages them a lot.

Special barriers to learning can easily be removed:

Moodle mobile app development also offers children with special disabilities to learn in a way that they cannot learn in a traditional classroom environment. With such apps, you can easily focus on helping dyslexic and autistic children develop their social skills.  Learning individually is very important for students who have some specific disabilities and cannot learn in groups.


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