Terms and Conditions

The Terms and conditions of ibnus will govern the use of web service or any other service or site owned by ibnus. By accessing or viewing or using the material or services of the website, you acknowledge the acceptance of what is indicated in the terms and conditions to be legal that is equivalent to a written and signed contract. In case you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, you are not granted the right to use our Service and should immediately exit.

Proper use of services:

All users shall use the services only for professional purpose and shall not make use of any threatening, obscene or defamatory material that will violate the laws or regulation, harmful to minors or otherwise unlawful while using the services. Altering or removing any material on the Service is strictly prohibited. Any commercial usage of the content without any prior written consent of ibnus is also prohibited.


Confidential information shall mean that any information that is disclosed by a party to any other third party, in any form, that includes documents, source code, business plans, software, specifications, designs, analysis, computer programs and etc. marked as confidential within 15 days of such disclosure. Confidential information shall exclude any information that is / was publicly known or comes into public domain, is received by any receiving party from any other third party without breach of agreement, independently developed by the receiving party without any use of confidential information, is allowed for disclosure by the disclosing party in writing.

Intellectual property:

All the source code and any associated intellectual property that is related to the source code developed by ibnus will solely remain the property of ibnus, except for any specific code licenses that has been issued to the client and has been given in writing from ibnus. The company reserves the right to implement any licensing features with the quoted application, except where codes license has been issued by ibnus. Any alteration or manipulation of any kind of the code that is created by the company may be considered as a breach of trademark and copyright laws. Users shall not be allowed to broadcast, copy, download, transmit or store, show or play or adapt any changes to any content of the site for any other purpose without proper permission.

Corrections and changes:

While making endeavor to keep the material and content of the site up to date, ibnus cannot assume the responsibility for any errors in these materials. The company does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the information, graphics, text, links and any other items contained in these materials. Ibnus may make essential changes in these materials or any services or products that is described herein at any time without prior notice and make no commitment to update the information on the site. The company also reserves the right to terminate your access to any Service in case you violate the Terms and Conditions for any reason whatever it may be.

Permissions and copyrights:

The client has to obtain all necessary permissions with respect to the use of all copy, logos, names, trademarks, graphics and any other material supplied by the client to ibnus. Supply of any such material by the client to the company shall be considered as a guarantee from the client that all such permissions have been obtained for the said material. No responsibility will be accepted by ibnus for any damages or loss that is incurred by the client from the usage of such material for which authority or permission has not been acquired.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions will be governed in accordance with the State or Central law rules. By viewing and accessing or using the material on the service, you agree to accept the services and the conditions. All disputes, claims and differences and demands that arise under this Agreement shall be referred and adjudicated in accordance to the state or central laws.